Tuesday, March 10, 2009

All is good in this neighborhood

Hello all. Life can get so busy and hectic especially in the economy right now. But hey I finally have time to sit and say hi and let everyone know how everything is going in my Lil family.
Taylor is doing great she can be a handful sometimes but she is a sweet little girl. Taylor is able to tell us when we are incorrect with something or if we say a word that we should not say she is able to correct us. which makes me happy cause it not only keeps us in place with language but it shows that she is really listening to us.
I am excited that church ball is almost over. yay no more grown men acting like children. but hey Joshua will be starting baseball soon. which i do not mind as much as basketball.
Joshua is doing great he is busy with school and work. I am so proud of my husband he has done so much in the last year to try and make this family a more loving and church going family. his relationship with Taylor is getting stronger and stronger by the day. I love him he looking more and more like my prince charming.


  1. yay! i have been waiting for an update :) i'm glad church ball is almost over too...so we can finally have our saturdays back!

  2. Hey... I finally found your blog! Now i just need your email so i can resend you that Christmas pic.

  3. That is so funny what you said about church ball. I get so frusterated with grown men and their out of control testosterone too!